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The results of my over active imagination...




TheYoke has started a donation pool!
1,170 / 3,000
I will be doing point Commissions when next summer comes by

Not sure what prices I should have.

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It's at a retail clothing store in my area.

Hopefully I can get it. ;_; I have no monies and things are expensive as hell.


Thae "The Moron" Costa
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello, my name is Thae "The Yoke" Costa

I've been a deviant here for a good few years now, however I am unable to leave my original account because I am too attached to it. ^^; I'm considering it at the moment for more professional things... But it's rather hard.^^;


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I've tried being nice, but it doesn't seem to be working. So for now requests are closed and if I do any they'll only be for friends because whenever I do them for other people, people I've never spoken to before sometimes, they'll thank me and then never talk to me again like I'm just someone they can use to get free art out of. That's happened more than once and it always hurts me because I work hard on my art.

And not only that:
I am tired of being emotionally used and screwed with by people I thought were my friends.
The Anthem of my Brain

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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

spongebob evil laugh


So while trying to find a perfect headcannon voice for Marius I lowered the pitch of GLaDOS's voice to -29 on Audacity+ a click removal and...
Why... Why is it perfect? Obviously Marius is more emotive and not even like GLaDOS but WHY?!!

It's at a retail clothing store in my area.

Hopefully I can get it. ;_; I have no monies and things are expensive as hell.
Anyone know some good robot movies I should check out?

These are ones I know of that I've already seen.
  • iRobot
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Terminator
  • The Bicenntenial Man
  • Short Circuit 1+2
  • Wall-E
Moralite: Panelled pages so far by TheYoke
Moralite: Panelled pages so far
Just so I can put a link in the journal and show you all I am making art.
This time in an actual journal instead of a status update:

Along with my assignments, I've done a bit of work on Moralite

I have up to page 7 paneled, but not all are drafted yet (only up to page 3 is)

And in the script department I've got about 30 pages of writing
Some lines will be trimmed down of course as I've already had to do with a few bits of dialouge in the 1 and 1/2 pages of script that were used to make the first 7 pages of comic. If I hadn't the pages would all be too wordy with not much art. XP Page 3 has SO MUCH dialogue you have NO IDEA. But I don't think it's pushing the bounderies of what would be considered TOO much dialogue.

Anyway, I gotta go back to researching headphones for my sculpture project since I gotta make a dissected version out of steel.

Also, here are the 2 pages I've submitted I was talking about if you haven't seen them:
Moralite Rough Pages: Page 1 by TheYoke           Moralite Rough Pages: Page 2 (Not actual Dialouge) by TheYoke

and small thumbnails of them all together:

Moralite: Panelled pages so far by TheYoke
When I get to inking I'll fix the first page cause I don't know how I feel about the sound effect.
I've got a good grasp of paneling since I read a lot of webcomics and have learned that way, but I still don't know much about sound effects. XP

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Queensister Featured By Owner 22 minutes ago
Just finished.

That was.... a bittersweet movie with a bittersweet ending. I mean, it feels like David ultimately got his wish, to have his mother say she loved him and to just have her thoroughly accept him unconditionally.

It sorta gave me a similar feeling to when I watched the ending of Charlotte's Web for the first time (the cartoon version) even though those are two completely different kinds of stories...

Anyway I just have two questions on my mind:

1: The highly advanced robots that looked like aliens.... are they from another planet, or are they robots that evolved from the mechs left behind by humanity when they died out?

2: Why could they only bring back Monica for a single day? :/
Queensister Featured By Owner 39 minutes ago
Queensister Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Now his mom just dumped him off in the woods like a dog or something >.<
TheYoke Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Student General Artist
The reason David's mom left him in the woods and told him to run because the alternative was taking him back to her husband's company where he got him where he was going to be DESTROYED.
Her abandoning him was, in a way, the only way to save him since her husband didn't want her to take him back home after he accidently almost drowned their real son. He would have just taken him to be destroyed instead.
Queensister Featured By Owner 49 minutes ago
I guess that does seem like the more humane option, since it means he would have a chance at life at least, just.... it feels sooooo cruel, since the imprinting made him love her and want to be with her above all else...

The part with the mechs being destroyed at that stupid fair were terrible. >.< I'd say that David proved how life-like he was though, since his cries made the people form a mob to stop him from being destroyed.

Now I'm up to the part where he's been praying to a statue of the Blue Fairy, and it looks like there are.... aliens? 2000 years have passed
TheYoke Featured By Owner 48 minutes ago  Student General Artist
The aliens are actually highly advanced robots.

It took me the second time I watched the movie to get that.
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Queensister Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Ted and Martin are jerks >.<
Queensister Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
I better go for tonight, it's gonna be movie time with my family soon :hug:

I might try out some stuff with my new tumblr tomorrow. Thanks again for the info that's helping me with it :hug:
Queensister Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oooooo here is a few pictures on someone's blog:
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