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I will be doing point Commissions when next summer comes by

Not sure what prices I should have.

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Thae "The Yoke" Costa
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello, my name is Thae "The Yoke" Costa

I've been a deviant here for a good few years now, however I am unable to leave my original account because I am too attached to it. ^^; I'm considering it at the moment for more professional things... But it's rather hard.^^;

Most of my 90,000 comments are due to roleplaying with a few close friends on here . However, I mostly only RP with original characters and story lines now, not with fandoms like I used to. However, if you really make me interested, and I know enough about the character to play them well, I may consider it :)


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I've tried being nice, but it doesn't seem to be working. So for now requests are closed and if I do any they'll only be for friends because whenever I do them for other people, people I've never spoken to before sometimes, they'll thank me and then never talk to me again like I'm just someone they can use to get free art out of. That's happened more than once and it always hurts me because I work hard on my art.

The Anthem of my Brain

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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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spongebob evil laugh
Well its been almost 2 weeks so I figured I should post a new journal about things that have been going on.

I finally got in contact with the other two girls in my group for the Surrealist project we have to work on. However, it is apparently up to me and one of them to do the actul work since the other girl says since she isn't a fine arts major she will be utterly useless to us and will mostly just be supplying ideas. We're going to be basing this on our most freakish dreams.

I also finished my abstract self-portrait things *well, three of the starter ones. The final giant piece I still gotta do* and I kinda want to draw an object head character with the eye-rose as a head from part two of my anxiety roses set. Speaking of anxiety, I start that new medication that they've been weaning me off the last two weeks tomorrow... My parents aren't too happy about it and are thinking I'm becoming addicted to taking mediaction. Even if its something that helps me they think I'm stupid and or crazy for thinking that it helps when my mom is the same as me... I don't understand my parents. I'm not addicted to taking medication, I just think taking a pill everyday is better than ending up in a crying heap on the floor unable to function everyday

Also nearly done with the Rp character sheets I'm working on ^^ Though I feel Nidhi still needs some tweeking XP I will not rest until I've gotten her perfect!
And then I can draw other things that I've been wanting to draw. There are SO MANY things I've been wanting to draw lately. Like, Rick with an owl and as a pokemon professor. A funny comic strip that's been going through my head I've wanted to draw for weeks now but I can't do until I finally create a finalized human form for Richard. Ugh DX so much drawing!

Problem is I can't really draw as much as I'd like to yet. :\ th glove I ordered to make arting easier for me so I don't smudge everything *which is all I end up doing because I draw best when my hand is literally rubbing against the paper* has yet to arrive... They never sent me a confirmation but I know the money was taking from my account since I got a notice fort that at least and when I emailed them about it when I never got the confirmation they said it was on its way. >:\

But I did get one of those really big umbrellas that are so long you can use them as a walking cane :D My dad got it for me cause I have to carry a giant-ass portfolio that is always getting wet. I've always wanted one of them... Too bad the one I have doesn't have the curved handle XP that would've made it even awesome-er.

And... I guess that's it for this update.

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Annnd I gotta go now. Seeya sometime tomorrow, hopefully. :hug:
TheYoke 16 hours ago  Student General Artist
Awm vye
Have you got your hot llama on? :icondurrhurrplz:
TheYoke 16 hours ago  Student General Artist
... Wat?
Oh that's just something very random and silly I felt like saying. XD

There was this DVD I put in not too long ago... for some reason it wanted to install this weird software and it asked me if I had my hot llama on or something. ^^; I think it was part of a company logo. >.>
I gotta go. The next few days are gonna be kinda iffy when it comes to when I'll be on, but I should be on in the mornings mostly for at least a bit. (Not Sunday though, can't make it on at all that day. >.< )

Thanks for talking, see you. :hug:
BTW would it sound strange if I said I constantly think about food? :B
TheYoke 1 day ago  Student General Artist

I'm always thinking about things I wanna eat.
I guess it's normal then. :B For some reason, one thing that helps me get through my day is thinking about the delicious things that I can get my paws on for lunch, or dinner....
On a random note... what do you think of pagan chants? :B
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